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Why Scrapbook Journaling Matters

The reason for journaling is that a story behind the photos adds interest and will help anyone to understand the family behind the photos. It adds a whole new dimension so that people are not left wondering what the photos mean. Journaling is a chance to capture your life and what it feels like to live it for your own benefit and that of anyone else that ever sees it and wants to know more about your life and that of your family. You will want to be reminded of what your life was like when you see it in 10 years time. How great to have a reminder of all your milestones. Even the parts that may seem mundane now you will look back and treasure.

So capture the details now while it's still fresh in your mind. The best pens for journaling are dark pigment-based inks which are easiest to read. There are lots of ways to include words in your scrapbook. These are just a few and by no means all: 1. Writing on die cuts. Using a die-cut machine to add the color and design of your choice to the page for your journaling.

2. Putting words on stickers. Fast and easy journaling is possible with the large variety of stickers available in all sizes and shapes that you can add words to. 3. Use journaling blocks.

You can cut these yourself in any shape and color to suit your page. You can also buy them from scrapbooking shops. 4. Border journaling. You can use the borders of your pages to gain the interest of the reader.

This is very effective and can stop and start wherever you like. 5. Printing words on the computer.

This does lack the human touch but can make a nice change especially as there is an opportunity to use so many different fonts. 6. Writing on the page. Don't hesitate to write on the page directly if you want to do that.

Be sure to use a pigment-based ink for longevity. 7. Alphabet stamps and word stamps. These are great when you want one word that sums it up. Alphabet stamps are great but not for large chunks of text. Use them instead for single words or short phrases.

A really good idea is to carry around a notebook at all times to jot down things you really like and are inspired by. If someone says something you want to remember write it down. Always date your entries so you can make a note of these dates in your scrapbook. Get into the habit of recording your ideas and thoughts. If you find memorabilia for the scrapbook add that to the notebook as you can later decide whether to include it or not.

If you come across interesting articles in magazines or letters add these to the notebook so you have it to consider for including in your scrapbook. You may decide against but you will have a larger choice of items to include. Once you get into the habit these things become second nature and they are a great help in your scrapbooking routine.

To find out more than 25 way to make a living papercrafting read the story of someone who has done this. Karen O'Donnell loves scrapbooking and card making:

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