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A Bathtub Isnt Enough You Need A Bidet

The Bidet had its beginning in France. It was made up of a plain encased vessel used to hold the water and supported in a portable wooden bench. The Bidet is nearly always located beside the bathroom toilet and is in fact a type of toilet.

The main purpose of the Bidet is to maintain a constant state of cleanliness after each use of the restroom. The Bidet should be considered a sanitary need instead of an extravagance or class symbol. Daily use of the Bidet should become as customary as brushing your teeth. After using the restroom, it is not possible to clean the rectal/vaginal areas with dry toilet paper. Warm water is clearly a better sanitization means than the softest, or most expensive toilet paper available.

Anyone who does the family laundry will know how true this is. Even though toilet paper is sanitized it is still too dry to clean soiled areas sufficiently. Using the bidet for cleansing should become as routine as washing your hands after using the restroom. Many people are misinformed that if they take enough baths or showers they do not need the Bidet. It should be understood that the bidet is to compliment the bathtub, not replace it. In addition to the obvious hygiene benefits to the bidet, there are many health benefits as well.

Bathing the genital organs can be more easily accomplished here than in a tub or shower. Women should thoroughly cleanse the external vaginal area at every opportunity during the menstruation period. The advantages of cleansing after using the restroom are clear to every proctologist, gynecologist and general physician. It is quite inconceivable that so many homes that have every modern luxury imaginable should not have such a simple and beneficial bathroom appliance.

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