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Why Choose a Bunk Bed for Your Child

Why should you choose childrens bunk beds for your home? Bunk beds can bring a number of endless possibilities to your living space. If you are a little cramped for space, or you want to create additional floor space in a room, bunk beds may be just the answer you are seeking. There are twin bunk beds and combination bunk beds with a twin mattress on top and a full mattress on the bottom, as well as loft bunk beds which can offer considerable storage space. There are many bunk bed options available for any room scenario you are trying to create. Bunk beds save space: Bunk beds come in all shapes and sizes. There are bunk beds that come with enough compartments for practically everything you could possibly need space for, all in one beautiful piece of furniture that doesn't take up much area at all.

Bunk beds offer the added benefit of utilizing vertical space as opposed to horizontal space. This frees up floor space for other needed uses and is an ideal solution for smaller rooms and floor plans with less square footage. Bunk beds are also great for compact or studio apartments where you need all the space you can get.

Loft apartments are growing in popularity, converting large buildings in highly populated cities into individual living spaces. Bunk beds can help you creatively use your available area in a cramped loft apartment. Bunk beds are fun: Bunk beds offer a different alternative from a standard bed. For children and teens, bunk beds offer a sense of fun. Siblings can stay close to each other, yet have their own space to sleep.

Youngsters can pretend they are in a fort, on a pirate ship, or a damsel in distress awaiting rescue from the knight in shining armor who will climb up the ladder to save her; bunk beds tend to let one's imagination soar. Bunk beds give you more available space for overnight guests: Birthdays, parties, family reunions - we all love those great get-togethers. Wouldn't it be great to have extra overnight bed space for those special loved ones that you don't get enough time to visit with? Have a fun-filled day of activities, enjoy a leisurely evening with no one in a rush to get home, because they will be home for the evening, and get a fresh start the next morning. Bunk beds can help give you that opportunity. Bunk beds are great for children/teenagers: Bunk beds are a must for older children or young teens having to share a room with another sibling.

Bunk beds give each child his or her own space. Sleeping on the top bunk bed is generally not recommended for children under 6 years of age, due to the fact they are more likely to fall. Guard rails on both sides of the top bunk bed mattress can help prevent falls from occurring. A secure bunk bed ladder and a night light can also be beneficial.

Some types of bunk beds can be taken apart and used as a regular bed. If a teenager has an opportunity to move into his or her own room at some point, he or she already has a bed to furnish it with, leaving the child sharing the previous room with his or her own bed as well. Bunk beds serve multiple purposes and are a diverse piece of furniture that can work in practically any living space.

Ryan is the owner of numerous websites including an informational website about kids bunk beds.

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