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Ways To Make Spring Cleaning Less of a Nightmare

Although spring happens to be a great time to de-clutter, clean and reorganize, anytime of the year is actually a good time to keep your home looking and smelling its best. You can easily keep your house organized and spring-fresh all year round with these simple tips. Make a checklist of chores for each room of the house so you can keep track of what's been done and what still needs attending to. You can also jot down supplies that need replenished or "to-do" tasks that need completed such as changing light bulbs or replacing smoke alarm batteries. If you don't absolutely love it or frequently use it, lose it. Extra items that aren't used often clutter the area, take up valuable space and just give you more to dust.

Keep a decorative basket somewhere near the door to keep things like keys, receipts and loose change neatly in one place. Almost every house has at least one junk drawer. Organize yours with a utensil caddy or with small plastic containers in varying sizes to keep things relatively under control.

Use a caddy to carry your cleaning supplies with you to eliminate trips back and forth to the cabinet. Wear an apron with several pockets to keep the odds and ends that you find while cleaning, and also put some lively music on and dance as you make your way around the house. Not only will cleaning be more fun but you'll be getting exercise at the same time. Using a suction cup hang a squeegee in the shower to wipe down the walls and doors every day to avoid the build up of mildew. Attach a magnet to the inside of your medicine cabinet's door to keep nail clippers, tweezers and small grooming scissors handy but out of the way. Keep a plastic shopping bag near the laundry area to hold used dryer sheets which can be used for many different purposes like dusting the washer and dryer and wiping out the lint trap.

Dryer sheets can also be placed under the sofa's seat cushions as a constant air freshener or try putting one inside your vacuum cleaner bag making sure it doesn't clog the bag's opening. Several sweaters or out of season clothing can be kept on one hanger and wrapped in two garbage bags to consolidate closet space. Keep a few boxes in the basement ready to store items that can be donated or sold.

Every six months or whenever the boxes fill up, have a garage sale, take the items to a flea market or donate to the needy. There are many charities and non-profit organizations that would welcome used clothing and household items. Instead of trying to keep the whole house clean all at once divide the chores assigning different tasks per day on a continual weekly basis. For example: - Sunday: Laundry - Monday: De-clutter - Tuesday: Dust and clean glass surfaces - Wednesday: Scrub floors - Thursday: Vacuum - Friday: Organize, rearrange - Saturday: Take care of the outside of the house.

These tips will help, but without the right tools, it will be tough to actually de-clutter and reorganize. To get you started, you'll need some home organization tools like shoe organizers, kitchen organizers, and bathroom space savers.

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