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Todays Trendy Baby Blankets

Max Daniel Baby helps the new mommy and baby experience the comfort and plushness of tooday's stylish baby blankets. The new Mommy throw (72X60) matchs many of the baby throws (36X32) colors and designs. these luxurious throws would make any baby want to snuggle. Max Daniel Baby owned and operated by women from the United States of America.

Max Daniel Baby has grown over the past few years into a large operation that offers their blanket line to many upscale stores and boutiques around the world. They also provide gifts to many executives in the movie industry and other high-profile industries. Focusing on the trendy and luxurious baby throws, security blankets, burp cloths and the new Mommy Throws that have put Max Daniel Baby on the A-list of many celebrities today. They are made in the USA, and the quality or their material and craftsmanship cannot be beat.

They are so gorgeous that you will almost be afraid to use them, but they machine wash beautifully. For such luxurios plush blankets and throws they are competitively priced for the fashion minded buyer. Violet Affleck, daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, has a large selection of the Rosebuds and Satin throws in several colors. And the latest news-Jennifer Lopez is the newest celeb fan who has ordered custom items from Max Daniel Baby. We selected All of the animal print throws as our favorites because we had a hard time picking just one. The Cheetah and "NEW" Leopard print throws are our favorites in the animal print group.

They are plush on plush with a satin trim to finish the style. You have to applaud Max Daniel Baby for giving us these beautiful faux-fur, (no real fur is used) high quality animal print throws and security blankets. We give Max Daniel Baby further accolades for their animal patterned throws knowing that they donate 5% of net sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Their newest "STAR" to hit the town is their Mommy Throws. They offer these generously oversized (72 X 60) Mommy Throws in the Rosebud and Satin colors plus the Cheetah animal print. They make a great addition for any mommy who wants only the best for not only baby but for herself as well.

Be sure to take a look at the entire line of Rosebud and Satin solid colors, the Hotsy Totsy "Limited Edition" styles, the animal prints-Cheetah, Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe and Pony designs, and don't forget the Mommy Throws for the new Mommy and/or Daddy. Any child or adult would love a gift of Max Daniel Baby throws and blankets. They make great gifts for special occassions, new baby and mommy, birthday gifts for toddlers and wonderful shower gifts.

The throws are the perfect size for baby's crib, in the stroller or just snuggling with mommy or daddy. And the fact that they are luxurious and washable makes it a great throw.

Melinda Franklin, author. She enjoys working on her children's boutique and researching for the trendy and styles of children's clothing.

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