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To Have and To Hold with Moissanite Engagement Rings

There is Beauty to be found in a Moissanite Engagement Ring In 1893 a man name Henri Moissan discovered a naturally occurring mineral, silicone carbide, in a meteor. The mineral became known as Moissanite. Scientists decided to create a synthetic Moissanite and in 1995 jewelers realized the true beauty and value of the mineral as a gemstone. It was at this time that the moissanite engagement ring became a strong competitor for the diamond. In fact, it is such a beautiful competitor to the diamond than many jewelers have difficulty telling the difference. The Moissanite Engagement Ring: To Buy or Not to Buy Finances often dictate the amount of money that can be spent on an engagement ring.

The largest advantage to the moissanite engagement ring is the cost. While its cost is much less than the diamond, its durability is considerably higher. It is also said to be more brilliant than the other diamond competitor, the cubic zirconia (cz). In fact, the moissanite gemstone is said to refract light and give more brilliance than either the diamond or cubic zirconia. However, when buying a moissanite engagement ring or any other setting style, it is important to thoroughly examine the stone in bright daylight, as some can appear to be slightly green or gray.

It is also important to fully understand the store's return policy in the event that you should reconsider your purchase. Moissanite engagement rings can still carry the stigma of being a "fake" diamond, which gives many the impression that the ring is cheap or a "knock-off". The Value of Moissanite When Compared to the Competitors The moissanite engagement ring has quickly replaced its closest competitor, cubic zirconia engagement ring, for a number of reasons. While Cubic zirconia had been the leading competitor for the diamond for many years, the introduction of the moissanite gem has quickly moved it to third place. There are two types of cubic zirconia, hand-cut and those cut by a machine.

While the hand-cut stones are a nice substitute for diamonds, they lack the brilliance of both the moissanite and diamond. It is widely agreed that the machine cut cubic zirconia is a poor substitute for diamonds as many are hazy and lack brilliance. The durability of the three gems cannot be argued; the diamond rates a 10, the moissanite a 9.25 and the cubic zirconia about a 9.0. These numbers that reflect each stones durability are important when buying an engagement ring that will be worn daily.

When finances are at stake, there is no argument that a moissanite engagement ring is the way to go. Keep in mind, that the moissanite is a mineral that has the appearance of a diamond, rather than a "fake diamond". Instead of thinking of it as a "fake diamond" appreciate the fact that you are buying a moissanite engagement ring and remove the "stigma" completely. Many jewelers now carry this stone and you many consider "ring shopping" with your intended prior to purchase to determine if your bride-to-be would rather have a small diamond gemstone engagement ring or a larger moissanite gemstone engagement ring.

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