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Tips For Designing A Unique Bedroom

You've finally saved up the money to redo your bedroom and you want the room to be a statement of who you are with a unique flair. Whether you are doing a major remodel or just some light redecorating, there's a few things you should think about when designing your new bedroom. First off, if your bedroom is a suite with a master bath or even a sitting room, you want to make sure you carry the main theme throughout all the rooms to tie them all together.

Not only that but also make sure you coordinate your floors, walls and windows in each room. Recent studies have shown that balancing the cloth of your living room upholstery to the window and floor treatments can spark sensations of appreciation and pleasure in household members and guests. Now having said that, I don't mean that you necessarily have to duplicate exactly the look in each room, but try to carry over something from the bedroom into the master bath or sitting room.

Be it the main color, or theme the complimentary décor will make for an easy and pleasing transition. Next, you want to incorporate interesting art pieces into your bedroom. This could be sculptures or paintings or just nick knacks. A bedroom that includes originality in the wall décor will evoke a sense of personality and interest for your guests as well as for yourself and your family. Adding personal touches like something you made or a painting you painted can be very satisfying and a good way to show off your talents.

If you are stuck on what kind of look to give your room, why not try looking in magazines and books. These can be great references and you might find a style you just love. When you do, simply try to duplicate it as much as you can in your room. You might not be able to find the exact furnishings in the magazine but with a little bit of effort you can come darn close. One thing that can save you time and aggravation when designing a new bedroom is to use interior design software.

There are many software programs currently on the market to aid and assist the design conscious in his or her endeavors. There are programs available for purchase, and other software may be acquired as shareware for free. This software can assist you in creating a room and building themes Some design software will allow you to piece together photos of different elements of a room and then combine them in different motifs and design models. This way you can see how the walls will look in purple or how the bed looks in the corner without having to paint or move the furniture around. Once you have your perfect design you can print it out and set your plans in motion! Whether you use software or just the image you have dreamed up, one sure fire way to get a unique and interesting bedroom is to use your creativity.

Don't be afraid to do something unusual and don't forget to add those personal touches that make your room an extension of you!.

Lee Dobbins writes for Bedroom Designs and Decorations where you can read more articles on interior design.

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