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Time Slips Away

Have the time of your life. If we use this phrase of time in our lives, we would probably be having a great time throughout our lifetime. Time moves at a very fast pace. Does time fly? If it does, where does it go? Time is very importand and how fast it goes. Time is defined in many ways depending on how you use it in a sentence.

In this instance, time can be described as ones lifetime. Time is a non spatial continuum, in which events occur in apparent irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. As the clock ticks off minutes, hours and days, we may not have finished what we are doing or what we want to do, but the clock keeps ticking leaving us with less time.

Time is irreplaceable and it cannot be saved. Growing up it seemed as if time stopped. Would we ever reach sixteen, eighteen, twenty one? Time just did not pass fast enough. We thought time would never pass for us to reach the age of twenty one. By the time we reach our fifties, we are thinking that time is going much to fast.

As we grow older, time picks up the pace. We hear phrases like "The time just flew today", or "I wish there was more time". We look back on our memories and what is known as the "good old days" and wonder where the time has gone. Time is the most valuable resource that we have. In thinking about the "good old days", I spent many hours with Grandma and Grandpa.

My parents home was only a block from them and in a small, rural town, in the 1950's there was not a lot to do. After my Grandfather retired, both of them stitched hand made quilts using the old quilting frames they kept set up in the dining room. Children and grandchildren were very proud recipients of their quilts. The days passed slowly for Grandpa and Grandma as they stitched their tiny stitches on the quilts. They also spent many hours in the front porch swing. They would talk about what their lives were like raising their family in times gone by.

My Grandfather owned a gasoline jobber business. The boys in the family helped out there, while the girls helped in the house and with the growing of vegetables and fruits to feed their family. We heard stories about not having a road in front of their house when they built it and then a mud and gravel road before paving. There was no or little money and things were bartered or traded. During the war, gasoline was one of the things that was rationed and Grandpa would save his ration stamps for my Dad. He lived in the big city and for him to come home on weekends, Grandpa would give him the stamps.

I remember the smell of the blooming sweet peas growing on the fence in the back yard. I remember the fresh baked cookies always available in their cookie jar. Memories remain as if time stood still.

I can vividly remember when we were ready to end our vist with my aging Grandparents, we would say,"We'll see you next time". Grandma would respond with "Well, I hope so." She knew their time was growing near. My grandparents have both been gone several years, but I will always cherish the memories and the time I spent with my grandparents. Where did the time go? Now, I am telling stories of the "good old days" to my grandchildren.

My parents, the years of my growing up, marrying and raising a family, are just some of the things we talk about. I often wonder how the past 70 years have gone so fast and I think maybe time really does fly. Over the 70 years of my time, there have been 25,550 days,613,000 hours, 36,792,000 and 2,207,520,000 seconds. Did I use this time wisely? We can't go back and get that time. Did I accomplish everything that was meant for me to do? How will I pass the time for the rest of my years? Will my grandchildren cherish the time I spent with them? I certainly hope so. In a time for taking stock of ones life, time can be defined as a suitable or opportune moment or season.

I have had many moments of opportune moments or seasons. As I look back in time, re-living those memories of past times, can we really determine if time flies? Where did it go? Each of us has the same twenty four hours of a day. The days may go by slowly, but the years really do seem to fly.

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