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Servicing Air Conditioning System Effective Tips

Before summer comes up it's a common query that whether your air conditioner is in proper order. An air conditioner will give you ultimate performance in the years to come, provided you would also take a good care of it. Maintenance is the ideal option open to you. You can have it done by calling a qualified service repairman and sometimes you can do this job yourself, too. One thing is very much sure that, a properly maintained air conditioner is very much prone to reduce the consumable power and that in turn reduces the electricity bills that you are going to pay at the month end.

Let's take a deep look into this: An air conditioner loses its capacity and efficiency by about 5% every year. So, if you buy a 12SEER air conditioner today, that will bound to come at 9% after a few years of its operation. But you can stop this by arranging for a timely maintenance. Studies show that you can recover up to 95% of the lost performance by proper upkeep. A repair in time saves a lot of future expenses in the sense that you won't have to buy a new one.

Many local repairing firms are there. In the spring time they are giving you the telephonic reminders that it's time to check out your air conditioner. And your prompt heed to those reminders will save a few hundred bucks in the coming time.

Servicemen will check-up the compressor, belt, operating pressures & temperatures and Freon level and oil the fan motors and cleanse the condensing unit coils. If in the checking process it is found that the coolant has become low, just do add more to retain the original power. Another thing should be taken into priority: Freon usage. Air conditioner with tags 'NO CFC' must be purchased. CFC stands for chlorofluorocarbon which is fetal to the Earths protective ozone layer if it is released into the atmosphere.

Today you may also find regulation against this compound. A substitute is used: hydro chlorofluorocarbon. It is not dangerous to the atmosphere like CFC. You need to ensure the substitute is used in case of the repair. Similar other precautions can help you lower your future expenses and higher the efficiency level.

Change the dirty air filter; indoor plants, if any, should be kept away from the air conditioner; always make sure return air registers are not blocked and last but not the least set the thermostat at 78 degrees. Thus in the long run you can easily save money and maximize the performance of your air conditioner, just by proper and time-to-time care.

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