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London builders Interiors of your bathroom

The bathroom has become an essential component of any flat some 100 years ago. And can you imagine your life without it? It's not only the place where we perform daily hygienic procedures, it is an island of relaxation in our apartment. So, we should take every effort to make our bathroom a pleasant place. It means that interiors of the bathroom should combine comfort and delight the eye.

Besides, we should remember about the size of your bathroom and the size of your budget. First of all you should select the colour. Here everything is up to your choice, though some requirements do exist.

It is desirable that the colour of the bathroom matched the colour grade of your flat in general. Preference is given to pastel shades: beige, light blue, pink, etc. In this case all the interior design will be subject to the everlasting classical codes. Fine lines, sophisticated gilded details - all this will help to create a true royal atmosphere.

. However, if you dislike the very idea of classic design as something terribly banal, you can design your bathroom in modern style. Let it be as bright as Brazilian carnival! Don't be afraid of improvisations, use various colour combinations.

Make the principle of combining incompatible the basis of your design. Now about the main thing in your bathroom - the bath. The choice of this no doubt the most significant detail of the room is a matter of your taste. Now stores of bathroom fixtures can offer everything a human imagination can think of: a full-length bath, corner bath, hydro massage bath, etc.

The range of colours includes every tint from the classic white to the avant-garde black. The one thing you should remember that colour of the bath and washbasin should match each other. If the size of your bathroom allow additional 1,5 м2, do not box the shower into the bath.

Divide two wonderful procedures of the same value: quick taking shower and gracious unhasty rest in the bathroom. But the bathroom is not only about the bath. Make the maximum use of the space of your bathroom. Various shelves and cabinets will make your bathroom inimitable.

You can buy a set of furniture (it usually includes washbasin units, a mirror, cabinet and a wall unit) or you can choose module furniture, allowing you or with the designer's help to create your own design. The material, the furniture will be made of, is not regulated in any way. It can be heave marble, reminding you of Roman bath houses; and light wood (it is processed in a special way and is waterproof) creating the atmosphere of finnish sauna together with wooden wall cladding; as well as practical plastic - light and easy to use.

Light, mirrors and other small accessories will worthily emphasize the uniqueness of your bathroom design. Light is the beginning of everything. And bathroom is the place where you should see yourself very well. That's why besides the upper light install waterproof spot lights above the mirror and above the water basin.

Mirror also helps you to evaluate yourself from every side, that's why one small mirror will not do. Let there be two of them with different functions one zooming mirror for shaving and makeup and another - a simple mirror allowing you to see yourself from every side. Small accessories will make your bathroom look unique. The only thing left to do now is to add something that only you need: flowers on the tables, aromatic candle on the bath, turn on the water and dive into the world of peace and enjoyment!.

Arthur Prudent is a developer of Builders London: bathroom, kitchen installation - web site offering all aspects of builders services. London builders: Interiors of your bathroom.

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