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How To Garden In The Spring

Gardening in the spring is the next best time to garden behind the fall. The increased rainfall and temperatures provide a perfect setting for plants and their roots. Well established roots will help your plants fight off the damage droughts and insects throughout the year. Although not as good as planting in the fall, spring planting is still a very successful time to build a garden. Each plant has specific needs to be considered prior to planting. Certain plants require direct sunlight, shade, frequent watering, certain soil types, and drainage.

A soil test can be done to understand the existing conditions. This test will reveal the nutrient level, pH level and soil texture. Without this information you could be wasting your time and money planting less tolerant and needy plants. Unfortunately, these often tend to be the more exotic and attractive plants.

The next step would be to plan the grounds of your garden. Popular items to include are garden bridges, landscape rocks, and koi ponds. Garden bridges completely enrich your environment and require very little maintenance. Koi ponds on the other hand can require more work and maintenance but bring another sense of life to your garden. Make sure you plan your landscape prior to planting your spring flowers to ensure your project is completed properly. After you complete your site layout you can start preparing for planting.

Based on your soil tests, fertilizer can be added to the soil correct whatever is needed for the plants chosen. Any changes to the soil should be mixed in well and as deep as possible to make sure the plant is able to take advantage of the adjustment as deep as it roots go. You will want to dig the wholes for each plant in a oversized funnel shape. You will want to loosen the roots from the existing soil in the planter and place the plant in the hole. Release the plant from any basket or wiring prior to planting. Breaking the roots from the extended sides can stimulate the plant and allow it to grow larger within the hole.

Mix in the soil in with the freed roots. Make sure the plants face is showing it's best side if it is visible and be sure it is planted straight. Do not pack the soil down to hard to allow the roots to expand easily. All that is left is to ensure that the plants are properly watered and not damaged. Following the steps listed above you can expect to enjoy your garden year after year.

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