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How Self-Storage Can Help Your Business Lately more and more small and large businesses have turned to self-storage over warehouses for their storage needs. There are a few different reasons for this switch including more flexibility, better security, better maintenance policies, and more accessibility. With so many different facilities operating, and the various features each facility offers, businesses need to inform themselves on what to look for in a self-storage company as well as what to do to prepare the contents for storage.

Preparations vary according to the items being stored and the length of time of the storage. This article will discuss the various features of self-storage as they pertain to small and large business owners looking for a better solution over the typical warehouse facility. How Is Business Self-Storage Different From Warehouse Storage Warehouses allow people to rent a certain amount of space, or a unit, to store inventory, office supplies and equipment, just about anything a business owner would need storage for. The disadvantages to warehouse storage include limited accessibility, lack of security and maintenance and lack of space options. Warehouse storage can be adequate for items of little value and are not made of materials that are hazardous or likely to attract moisture or pests. If the company is not overly concerned with the security or condition of the items (for example a large supply of cardboard boxes for shipping) than a warehouse may be a viable solution.

However, most businesses do care about their supplies, even those that are of relatively little value. For this reason it is best to use a self-storage facility, which will better protect your company's items from theft, harsh temperatures, rodents and insects. Warehouses are typically only accessible to customers during normal business hours whereas many self-storage facilities allow renters 24-hour access to their units. Warehouses usually hire a security guard or two to walk around the building periodically, while self-storage companies post guards, use perimeter fencing, security camera and theft-deterrent lighting. To gain access, individuals are usually required to scan a card, or punch in a code on a keypad. Some self-storage facilities have even added thumb print or hand print verification scanners for better security.

Uses And Restrictions For Self-Storage Facilities There are many possible uses for self-storage facilities for business owners. Business self storage is much safer for storing inventory than renting a warehouse. Your inventory will have less chance of getting stolen, or damaged at a facility with high security, climate controlled environments and protection against vermin. Excess office supplies may not seem important or valuable enough to rent a storage unit for but as any business owner knows, every supply costs money and you would have to find a place to store it somewhere. Finding yourself in the position of having to replace a large bulk of supplies, even inexpensive supplies like paper or file folders, that have been damaged by water, heat or rodents, can add up to hundred of dollars better spent elsewhere. If just one accident like this is prevented, the difference in cost between a warehouse and a self-storage unit has been refunded.

Self-storage containers can be helpful for storing excess office equipment during a move from one office to another. With the correct precautions, even sensitive electronic equipment can be stored for as long as you need. In the event that a seasonal item does not sell as well, you can store the excess inventory in the self-storage unit until the following year or until your business has a clearance sale.

By purchasing office supplies, such as printer paper, in bulk your business can save money. Use the self-storage container to hold the excess supplies until you have need of them. You can also store past documents that need to be saved but do not need to be kept close at hand inside a self-storage unit.

Possibilities include tax documents, past employee files, and outdated contracts that may still require service or fall under the limits of legal action. Specialized Self-Storage For Business Purposes The majority of indoor self-storage facilities offer climate control, which prevents the unit from becoming colder than 40 F or warmer than 90 F. This feature can prove useful when your company need to store temperature sensitive materials, including paper that has a tendency to yellow when left in a too warm environment for a long period of time. Depending on the type of business you own, your inventory may fall into the category of items that require climate controlled storage. This list includes: Wines Fur clothing Leather and suede clothing Medications or Medical Supplies Antiques Oil paintings And Other Items For items that require a specific temperature of at least a more narrow range of temperature, ask the facility what temperature the facility is normally kept at as well as the range of temperatures within the units. The answers to these questions should allow you decide whether the facility will suit your needs or not.

Additional Features To Help Your Business Aside from the storage, security and climate control that business self storage companies offer their customers; there are several additional features that self-storage facilities offer that can save time and money for your company. First of all, the locks sold by many of the self-storage are often the highest standard available. Do not let the high cost make you hesitate to invest in one to keep your items as secure as possible. Some self-storage companies will actually require that you use the locks they sell. Since people often rent storage facilities during moves, the companies sell packing supplies to their customers.

These supplies include cardboard boxes, shipping tape, and packing materials to prevent damages. What could be easier than picking up a sold item at your storage facility and then picking up the material to wrap it in and the box to ship it in on your way out of the facility? Additionally, business self storage facilities often rent out materials to prevent damage from occurring to the contents of your storage container. These supplies include protective plastic sheets, pallets to keep your contents off the floor and moving blankets to protect your large items from getting harmed while moving them.

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