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Hammock How to Find the Best One for You

Thinking of buying a hammock to relax and unwind? With so many hammocks on offer, it is difficult to decide which one is best. Discover the pros and cons of different types of hammocks and which hammock will be the best for you. Hammock retailers offer hundreds of different hammocks, but all of them can be divided into three groups according to material: fabric, rope and string hammocks. Each material has its pros and cons.

Fabric hammocks can be quilted, or made of cotton or mesh. A well-made fabric hammock is durable and doesn't require much maintenance. Fabric hammocks are comfortable, and cotton fabric offers the most comfort.

Unlike rope hammocks, there will be no prints on your body. Fabric hammocks are also very good for young children - their little fingers and toes won't get caught in the holes. On the downside, fabric doesn't provide much ventilation. So if you lie in a fabric hammock on a hot day, you might get a bit sticky.

On the other hand, fabric is an ideal choice for cooler climates. A rope hammock is the first thing most people think of, when picturing a hammock. Rope hammocks offer the most traditional look. They are usually made from cotton or polyester rope. They are very durable, don't require much maintenance and cost less than other types. A big advantage of a rope hammock is that it "breathes", letting you get the most benefit from breezes on a hot day.

Rope hammocks are reasonably comfortable, but the rope might leave impressions on your skin. Hammocks with smaller spaces between the ropes are more comfortable. The last type is string hammocks, which are also called Mayan hammocks. String hammocks are hand woven, and most of them come from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua or El Salvador.

They are reminiscent of tightly woven webs made of fine cotton, in a weave that might take more than a mile of string. String hammocks are the most decorative - they come in exotic, tropical colors, to create a relaxing holiday atmosphere. Mayan hammocks are extremely comfortable and provide good ventilation, but don't leave any prints on your skin. They are also very light-weight, so string hammocks can be used for camping or taken to the beach.

There is one disadvantage though - it is easy to damage a string hammock. Any sharp object can easily cut the string, so they are not as durable as rope or fabric hammocks. One more thing you should know is that rope and fabric hammocks can have spreader bars at the ends or be stave-less (traditional hammock without bars). You might think that spreader bars add comfort, but in fact it is the other way around - hammocks without the bars are more comfortable, because they wrap around your body better.

If for appearance reasons you prefer hammocks with spreader bars, go for hammocks with 3 hanging points instead of just 2 - these have much less chance of tipping over. How much a good hammock would cost? You might be surprised to find out that a good hammock might not cost much at all. Rope hammocks are usually the cheapest, but you can also find a very good Mayan or fabric hammock for under a hundred dollars. That is of course if you already have suitable trees. If not, you will also a need hammock stand.

In this case, you would be better off buying a package (hammock and a stand together). You can get a good-looking, safe and comfortable package for 200-250 dollars, even though some decorative wooden stands cost as much as 500. The best way to shop for hammocks is to look at online stores that sell discounted hammocks.

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