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Glass and Chandeliers Colored Glass Lighting

The subtle and mysterious effect of colored glass lighting has mystified people from all over the world from antiquity to modern times. Colored glass lighting has the brilliance of gleaming color that are unmatched by any paintings or any abstract pictures because it derives its beauty from light. In the past, the use of colored glass lighting has been limited to windows because of its high dependency on natural light source. However, in recent years, you can observe that there have been drastic developments in the technology of colored glass lighting so its 800 year old role of being a window decoration has been expanded. Right now, colored glass lighting is being used by interior designers, architects, and other artists to increase the beauty of their surroundings.

In public buildings as well as private homes, you can now see that colored glass lighting are being the centerpiece in making a building structure as beautiful as it is. Traditional Venetian Chandeliers In ancient Roman times, glassmaking became one of the major causes of fires in Venice. For this reason, making glass in the Venetian area has been forbidden.

However, instead of killing the industry, Venetian glass just became more exclusive because the secrets of their glassmaking techniques never went out. Traditional Venetian chandeliers normally have a classy design that is suitable for elegant and sophisticated homes. It is no wonder then that from ancient leaders of the past up to the modern politicians and loyalty prefer to use traditional Venetian chandeliers on their offices and homes.

There are many designs you can choose from when you decide to purchase traditional Venetian chandeliers. You can be assured of its quality but you need to find the perfect design to suit the theme of your home. Murano Glass Chandeliers The beauty of Murano glass chandeliers lies in the glass.

When the Roman Empire introduced glasses around 2000 years ago, people in Italy have found ways to experiment and improve on its design. Because of this, the term "Murano" soon became associated with quality glassworks. Some Murano specialties include the lattimo and cristallo glasswork. Cristallo is the kind of glass that is perfectly clear and it is easily moldable when hot so designers can make incredible Murano glasses from it. Meanwhile, the lattimo glass has an opaque milk color to suit aesthetic purposes.

Usually, the cristallo and lattimo glasses are combined together to form impressive Murano glass chandeliers with lace like designs and decorative finishes. When you combine Murano glasses and colored glasses together in a chandelier, the result is an amazing symmetry of colors that would give life to any room. In addition, remember that if you decide to buy Murano glass chandeliers, you are getting a top of the line product that can inspire artistry and elegance in your home.

The Murano glass have also proven that it can stand the test of time so you can never go wrong when you decide to buy a chandelier that is made from secret Venetian techniques and great craftsmanship.

No matter if you are looking for color glass lighting or Venetian chandeliers or Murano glass chandeliers Glass Plus can help you with any

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