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French Bedroom Furniture

It's always interesting to follow the trends worldwide in fashion and design, but if you really want to know what the newest styles and ideas are, you should track the developments in Paris. The French are always fashion forward, and Paris is the fashion capital of the world, whether you are talking about clothes or furniture. To be in the know and ahead of the general public, you have to follow the market in France. One of the more popular trends in French bedroom furniture right now is to install a mini bar in the bedroom, complete with all the accessories and barstools.

In France, most people are laid back and unconcerned with many aspects of life, with the except of style and fashion. Being as hip and trendy as they are, the French are quite fond of contemporary bedroom furniture, which is less ornate than many of the more classic styles of old. In fact, there is little if any detail work directly applied to the furniture of choice, and all details are typically added through the décor and theme design in the room.

In fact, this works out better for them because they can be fickle and change their style frequently with aspirations of instant gratification, one thing they do have in common with Americans. This is important because it leads to the decision to use contemporary bar stools and counters for the bar they are going to build. After all, it would look a bit ridiculous to have a simple platform bed with no intricacies matched up with an ornate 18th century English bar. Instead, the French are quite careful to make sure their styles match from top to bottom of a room. If they are going for shabby sheik, every last detail is refined to give this impression, for example. While you can find some ultramodern styles in metal, most French people prefer wood bar stools for their bar, as it looks more elegant, is sturdier, and often matches the rest of their bedroom décor better.

Interestingly, it is often also cheaper, despite its superior quality to most of the metal products on the market. Of course, this is all based on personal taste, and even in France, many will look to be different from the crowd or seek out that perfect metal setup that is trustworthy and high quality design. Perhaps making sure the home bar matches the master bedroom furniture is the number one concern of the Frenchmen as they built their little watering hole. Luckily, that's easy to do, since barstools come in pretty much all the same wood types as the beds and accessory furniture on the market.

In fact, those who are especially excited about the mini bar will design the entire bedroom around this part of the room rather than vice versa. Watching the French advance in their designs can definitely provide tips and ideas for your own home that will be entirely fashion forward just like the fashion capital of the world!.

Ben Weissman writes about using Discount Bedroom Furniture, Headboards and beds from quality manufacturers like Fashion Bed Group to create a beautiful affordable bedroom.

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