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Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen Decor

An addition of a bar or center island will give you much more working space in your kitchen. It can be a place to cool cookie trays, hold mixing pans or store the mail from the day. A bar also works as a place to do homework or to have an evening snack.

Whatever you use it for the most, it will make you have much more space in your kitchen. The island or bar usually has cabinets underneath for additional storage. A modern kitchen is a kitchen with lots of cupboards and cabinets! Bar Stools Refinish or recover the bar stools at the island. Material can be bought at a fabric store to recover worn or faded old covers.

The material is sturdy and will hold up for many years, or until you decide to modernize again. If you want a complete new style, bar stools come in many heights and colors. Department stores and home improvement stores carry a wide selection in many price levels. Stools can be plastic, wood, metal or a combination of materials.

Breakfast Nook A breakfast nook is a modern invention. The breakfast nook is a cozy alcove, where there is a table and bench seating where breakfast is enjoyed. Realistically, any meal or snack can be eaten there. The breakfast nook is just a place where meals that are more informal are held. A dining room is considered formal and where dinner typically is served. Rugs A rug is a simple way to modernize your kitchen.

If you have old, dirty and faded rugs, it's time to replace them. If you've never had rugs in your kitchen, they are another avenue to add color and design to the room. Buy a large rug that covers the eating area or a runner for the high traffic areas. Rugs do more than just decorate; they can provide warmth over a cold kitchen floor and protect it from scuffs, nicks and scrapes. If your kitchen is carpeted, a rug will keep obnoxious spills and stains off it.

Crimping Can Opener A modern convenience in the kitchen is also a safety gadget. The can openers of yesterday are old news. The newest style can openers cut right below the rim of the can. As they open, they crimp back the metal so there are no sharp edges to cut a finger on.

The can is also safer to drop in the trash, since it won't rip bags or catch on something else. Crimping can openers can be in the electric form or hand held style. Bread Machine Grandma used to make the best loaves of bread, however, Grandma had a lot more time on her hands. You can have the best of both worlds by buying a bread machine. This modern technology mixes the dough, lets it rise and cooks it for you.

No hours wasted waiting for it to rise. Follow the recipe book, pour the ingredients and then press start. Nothing could be more modern, yet taste so much like the Old Days.

Crock Pot Another modern kitchen tool is also a time saver. The crock-pot of today allows you to have a family meal when you get home and still work a long day. In addition, to make it even easier, some food companies have pre-made meals frozen in a bag where all you have to do is open and pour into the crock-pot.

Turn on low and let it sit for eight hours. Go and buy a new crock-pot if you don't already enjoy one. Chairs Are the chairs at your kitchen table showing their age? To modernize them, you can either give them a facelift or opt to buy completely new.

If you don't feel like a project, head for the store. If you do like improvement projects, find some sandpaper and begin. Sand off any old paint or stain on the chair so that the new stuff will stick to it.

Pick your color or stain and then begin. Follow all directions on the paint or stain labels to see the best results.

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