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Convert Your Patio To A Cozy Hideaway With Outdoor Patio Window Shades

By using outdoor patio window shades I took a seldom used area of our house and converted it into one of the most used rooms in our home. I needed a new room to use as an studio due to the fact that in my home there is a problem. My wife likes the air conditioner on all the time. We live in South Florida where it is usually warm. During our winter when the temperatures are usually around the 75 to 80 degrees, I would prefer to leave the air conditioning off, open the window and let mother nature come on in. The temperature and the humidity in the home are two things my wife wants to control as best she can.

My wife has allergies and by keeping the air conditioner running she eliminated a lot of her sneezing and eye watering problems. Now being a good husband and not wanting to fight with my wife over the air conditioning all the time I decided to make use of our patio. It wasn't air conditioned. It was outdoors where mother nature reigns supreme and best of all I could watch the birds and squirrel's while I am writing or reading, my two favorite pastimes. Being that the patio faces east, I had a big problem because the glare from the sun made the patio useless before 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Outdoor Patio Window Shades to the rescue. These good looking blinds allowed me to use my patio anytime I want and best of all put me in control of the light effects for my new "studio". WOW! I can't tell you what a difference they make. I can now use the new studio anytime I want, for what ever reason I want. I was finally in control of my studio.

I discovered that with the outdoor patio window shades I could even shoot the short video's I use on my website out there and what a great backdrop my back yard makes. I can sit relaxed and talk to my viewers in an outdoor atmosphere. The outdoor patio window shades I chose came in sixteen colors, way more than I needed.

I guess they need to have that many colors to please some of the discriminating designers that are using them for their customers and for their own homes. When I don't need them, I can raise them up out of sight and out of mind. It take a minimal amount of effort to raise and lower these beauties due to the clutch system. One of the best decisions we ever made was to convert our patio into a always ready room. My wife is grateful also. The best thing about this is that we don't argue about the air conditioner anymore.

What about you? Isn't it time you transformed your porch to "useful"? You can even make it into a great little hideaway where you can tell the cares of the day to get lost. You can unwind, relax and just plain "chill out". Outdoor patio window shades just could be what you're looking for to transform your porch into something useful and cozy.

Can you use outdoor patio window shades to give you a "chillin" room? The different types of outdoor patio window blinds are discussed at: Head on over Now a see what a difference these good looking shades could make in your life.

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