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I am trying to make my daughter's room something that she is going to like for at least the next two or three years. She loves the Wiggles, but I don't think the colors are something that are very feminine. That's ok though, since she is getting into a princess period, and that is certainly something I can deal with. I bought her a new comforter and pillow last month, but I almost went with the complete comforter set. But I didn't since she still is in a toddler bed that she won't give up, and it makes no sense to me to spend the money since she will be in a bigger bed next year.

What will part of a comforter set will depend on who makes it. Everyone seems to put something different in, and you get what you are paying for. A good comforter set will consist of a comforter, pillow shams, a bed skirt and a set of sheets. Most sets will have all of those or some combination of a few of them.

If you get a really expensive set it will not only last a lot longer, but it could also include matching curtains. You may also get a matching wallpaper border being sold with it, but it won't be part of the actual set. I very well remember my first comforter set. It was Strawberry shortcake, but I'm not sure it was part of a comforter set like the ones you can buy these days. Maybe it was, but I think my mother bought every item separately.

She bought the pillows and the comforter along with a bed skirt that I never used, and there were curtains as well. My mother must have talked with her parents about the comforter set that year because they got me a Strawberry Shortcake lamp to go along with what my mom had bought me. I am being careful not to get my child a comforter set that she won't like as well as she likes some other belongings that she has.

When I was a little girl I liked Strawberry Shortcake, but I think my mother liked her more than I did. If I had had my own choice back then, I would have preferred to get something else. I made certain what I bought my little girl is cute, but will go with my different interests, and I let her choose the color. She asked for pink, so that was the color theme I got.

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