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Choosing the Right Cedar Chest

We collect a lot of things during our lifetime. Home owners generally tend to keep most items in order to capture memories and store them for later. We then fill in the house with our memories through the use of picture frames. As years pass by, we want to save a few of these items for posterity while discarding or replenishing the rest. Chests are a wonderful way to store objects of importance in a nice and safe way for many years. Chests have been in use for many years.

Some families contain family chests that have been passed through generations. A Chest is always looked upon as something that will stay strong for a long time. Naturally, whenever they are opened, people expect to find some surprising items, which they have not seen or have forgotten about. Chests are normally built in cedar or other kind of wood.

Most chests are made of wood and are elaborately engraved or carved in beautiful shapes and designs. Most times, they are deliberately made to look like old style furniture. The wood used is strong, well varnished and treated wood that gives the chest a heavy look. Minimalist designs are also available, to satisfy contemporary tastes. Cedar is the wood of choice when it comes to chests but chests are also made of other kinds of woods as well as other materials.

For a long time, people prefered cedar chests as it has been considered to have some properties that repel moths. Cedar has a strong and heavy scent, which people thought would hide the smell of wool, so that moths seeking a place to lay eggs might not recognize the wool inside the cedar chests. A study made at the University of California has come out with a result that Eastern Red cedar even has the capability to kill moth larvae over a period of time. This does add some credibility to the belief that cedar does repels moth, although it is difficult to expect that any clothes will be void of moths in a cedar chest. Various types of wood furniture will create different impressions. For instance, dark colors will transpire dramatic and deep expressions compared with light color wood furniture, which will likely express a feeling of space and lightness.

For interiors, wood furniture is available in various forms and shapes like chairs, barstools, sofas, dining tables, working tables, cabinets, and more. Wood also is highly used in kitchen related furniture like pot racks, baker's racks, kitchen islands, and counter tops. Cedar chests and other types of chests, cabinets and racks are available in large numbers and designs online.

We present a wealth of resources and products. Find out more about cedar chests.

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