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Chainsaws Friends Or Foe

You're in the market for a chainsaw but you have no idea what to buy. This is a common predicament for prospective chainsaw users and would you believe, inexperienced woodcutters are virtually putting their safety, and in some cases, their lives at risk by not doing their homework in selecting the right chainsaw. Too often, non professional chainsaw users are throwing money against the wall by making hasty and ill-informed decisions about the type of saw they purchase. I am going to point out a few facts for inexperienced chainsaw users who are seriously considering buying their first chainsaw.

Did You Know? A chainsaw is the most dangerous tool you can purchase. A staggering number of injuries and deaths are attributed to chainsaw use every year in the United States alone. The figure is alarming. between 30-40,000 and most could have been prevented simply through observing proper safety measures. What Size Machine Should I Buy? Technology has enabled manufacturers to produce lighter yet more powerful machines and the quality of chainsaw continues to astound even the most qualified woodcutter. When shopping for a chainsaw, choose one that you are comfortable in handling.

If it feels too heavy then put it down and test another, lighter model. If you are only looking for a machine to do occasional work with then talk to your dealer and get a suggestion on what chainsaw is best suited to minor jobs. You don't want to go overboard and buy an expensive model capable of felling the world's tallest timbers if all you're intending to use it for is to help clear some nuisance brush in the back yard. The same applies to those requiring a chainsaw for heavier jobs. You don't want to buy a small machine thinking it will save you money.

If you have larger cutting jobs to perform then look for the appropriate model. Why? Again, safety is the big issue here. You think you may save yourself a couple of hundred bucks by buying a cheaper, less effective model but how much do you value your safety.

A machine that has to work beyond it's limit and capabilities will not only struggle to complete the job but will endanger the user by causing unnecessary fatigue. Yes, chainsaws are great and handy to cut through tough jobs but a user who becomes fatigued using a saw that is working beyond it's intended use suddenly puts his safety and life at risk. Fatigue is a major cause of many accidents related to chainsaws around the world today. Consider the safety aspect when purchasing your chainsaw. Manufacturers such as Stihl and Husqvarna place great importance on safety and matching the right chainsaw to the right job.

They are a good starting point when searching for information. Your local dealer should be be able to provide you with enough facts and figures for you to make an informed decision on which machine will suit your needs. If not, move onto another dealer.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Buying a chainsawand buying correctly is critical. For chainsaw news and reviews visit:

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