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Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard

Backyard Bird Watching If you love to watch the frolicking, whimsical nature and fluttering of birds, you should know that bird watching in your own backyard or right outside your window can really be a joy. It's remarkable how many different bird species you can observe. If you haven't ever noticed that many birds in your backyard, there are some things you can do in order to attract them. With bird baths, different bird feeders and a couple of bird houses, it won't be very long before you have some special visitors out back. You'll find that there are a lot of different bird feeders available, and the majority of them can be put into one of three different categories.

There are tube feeders, hoppers, and tray feeders. Tube bird feeders are shaped like a cylinder, with a perch at the opening where the food is accessed. Tube bird feeders are ideal for different types of seed, just as long as the hole is big enough for it to fit through. Hopper feeders will be appealing to birds that could be tentative of tube and tray feeders. For smaller birds, tray feeders are perfect. If it doesn't matter to you what types of birds are attracted to your yard, and you just want to enjoy and appreciate whatever kind of visitor comes, you can buy a general bird seed food.

The majority of seed appeals to many different varieties of birds, since it has got several varieties of seed. If you want a particular kind of bird to visit your backyard, then you want to include a food or seed that is a favorite of that particular species. A bird bath is a fantastic thing to add to your yard if you want more birds to visit. They love wading and splashing in the water, and if it's clean, that's even better.

You can pick from bird baths that are more conventional, or you could get something a little different, like a solar powered fountain of some kind. A bird bath with moving water is more attractive to wild birds that generally would not frequent your normal fountain, like warblers, robins, humming birds and thrushes. Birds particularly love moving water, and it will attract them easily.

Bird baths also look fantastic as garden accessories. There are some people who love bird baths because they make birds come closer than they normally would. A bird bath is a good opportunity to take some fantastic pictures, and just enjoy the birds' company.

If you want to put a birdhouse in your yard, there is a real chance that birds will make their home in it. Not only will the birds visit on occasion, but if it feels warm and snug, they could choose to make it the spot where they lay and hatch their eggs. What a treat this would be because you could even get a quick look at the babies from time to time, or when it's time for them to learn to fly.

Not only is a birdhouse an attractive decoration for the backyard, but it is a place the birds will enjoy as well. There are obviously a wide variety of shapes, kinds and sizes of birdhouses, and the one you choose will depend on your personal taste. Implementing these three things can help to make your backyard a little bit more attractive to birds. Some other great things you can add are crevices and openings so that the birds can hide, and sweet-scented flowers. If birds feel secure and safe in your yard, they are going to stick around longer.

Have a great time backyard bird watching! Author's Bio Ms. Elizabeth Ellis is an expert in backyard birding and has written a number of articles related to bird baths, bird houses, bird watching. Visit to read her other work about things like various bird feeders, solar bird baths, bird houses and so on.

Elizabeth Ellis is an leading expert who specializes in birdwatching and has written a number of articles associated with birdhouses and bird supplies. Check out to read her other highly recommended work on things such as various bird feeders, solar bird baths, bird houses and so on.

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