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Are Cheap Saunas Good Value For Money

We should first clarify that cheap saunas are not necessarily cheaply made saunas. There is a subtle difference that you need to be clear upon. Going to somewhere like Ebay for example, could allow you to pick up a highly quality sauna at a bargain price. Under these circumstances, I think that no one could argue that you had a good deal.

So if we take a bargain out of the equation, what constitutes a cheap sauna? The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in Canada have investigated and found fault with a number of cheap imported saunas. Amongst other things they discovered heaters running very hot and smoking in one of these devices. In addition, there were potential electric shock and fire hazards associated with the use of these saunas.

So from a safety point a view, there is no question that here are definite risks to buying cheap saunas. And this assumes that either you or whoever you choose to install your sauna know exactly what they are doing. So what other things should you be thinking about when considering buying a cheap sauna? One thing that is an easy thing to spot is the type of wood that the sauna is made of.

Traditionally, cedar wood is the material of choice for high quality saunas. Cedar wood is a soft wood that resists cracking and splitting caused by the heating up and cooling down in the sauna. No sauna wood lasts longer than cedar wood.

In addition, Cedar wood contains aromatic oils that are known for their healing and cleansing properties to aid detoxification during the sauna. If a cheap sauna is not made of cedar, then you need to make some investigation into the wood that it is made of. If nothing else, any sauna that is not made of cedar is not likely to last as long. Nor is it likely to have any of the beneficial properties that cedar wood exhibits. Many other sauna manufacturers produce saunas made from hemlock, spruce, fir or other low cost, low quality woods and sell them as "hypoallergenic" wood. The real reason they are using these woods is that they cost less by the board foot as compared to cedar.

The hypoallergenic only lasts a few sessions until the mould and bacteria starts to grow unchecked on the moist, warm white wood. Then the only way to clean the sauna is with harsh chemicals which you won't want to breathe while sitting in your sauna. There is absolutely no reason not to treat yourself to the quality and luxury of cedar wood in your sauna.

Before you invest your hard earned cash on a cheap sauna start your research at Cheap Saunas and avoid some of the pitfalls.

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